Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 14 Dropping 100 | Motivation Monday - Read!

Nothing motivates me more than scripture, so I share this with you today:

NUTRITION Stays the same - full throttle with #FreshNFitCuisine.  EXERCISE is still stepping 10K a day plus 3 CrossFit WOD's a week. LIFE STYLE CHANGE is continuing to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water, and now I've added Reading a minimum of 10 minutes a day.  Anytime of day is fine, but I'm choosing to read just before bed.  Reading helps reduce stress and relaxes you.  Believe it or not this helps you lose weight.  I'm not talking about reading texts on your mobile device for FB posts, Email, etc..  I'm talking about reading a real book!  Pick something just for you, something you will enjoy.  Reading work related material doesn't count.  I've chosen "Concussion" by Jeanne Marie Laskas. Concussion was recently made into a movie with one of my favorite actors - Will Smith, which I have not seen.  The book was given to me for my birthday.  Being a former football player, I'm sure I'm going to love this read.
What book are you reading?  Leave a comment. Thanks for following.  Remember to be better today than you were yesterday!


  1. Great post! Currently reading: The Whole30

  2. Reading is a great addition to any lifestyle change plan! Currently reading: It Starts With Food.