Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 64 Dropping 100 | Chuck Taylor II's and Breakfast for Champions

I'm loving my high top Chuck Taylor II's.  They make a great and stylish shoe to WOD in.  Nothing like one arm alternating power snatches and box jump overs for like forever and a day!  I'm decent at the one arm snatches, but I'm still too heavy to be jumping around.  The impact on my joints would be damaging, so I scale by stepping up in lieu of jumping.  Remember to scale the workout to your fitness level and just keep moving, and you'll get there. Enjoy.

Okay, my favorite meal this week, is another breakfast meal, this time from Fresh N Fit's Low Carb Meal Plan.  Check out this flavor explosion that helped me start my day of awesomeness!
The morning sun shines on the breakfast for champions: Spinach and feta cheese egg mixture with chicken sausage patty: man that was good.  I'm living proof that losing weight never tasted so good.  I'm at 57 pounds lost in 52 days and I weigh in this Wednesday and I'm looking forward to dropping some more LB's and eating my Fresh N Fit Cuisine.  Thanks for following and remember to be better today than you were yesterday!

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