Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nutrition - Exercise - Lifestyle Plan | Day 3 Dropping 100

To lose weight safely and for the long haul, I had to plan my success.  I needed to have a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, and a life style plan.

Step 1: Nutrition Plan - I didn't have this last time and is why my body back lashed and Yo Yo'd my way to an unhealthy place.  I realize now that Nutrition is by far the most important aspect of any fitness plan, and the foundation for my new success journey.  I did consult with a professional Dietitian and my Doctor, and I've chosen Fresh N Fit Cuisine.  I'm starting with the Healthy Mix (Beast Mode) 1800 calorie meal plan, but still need to add 3 snacks a day under the guidelines of my Dietitian to reach my caloric needs.  More on this part of my plan later.

Step 2: Exercise Plan - I did have this last time and is why I lost all the weight, as high intensity interval training is by far the best return on your sweat equity you can achieve, and that's the "Sport of Fitness" ladies and gentlemen, that right CrossFit! What I love about CrossFit is its literally for everyone on the planet.  My fitness level is not that of an NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or Olympic athlete, but my fitness needs only differ in degree, not kind, and with CrossFit, I can scale to my fitness level and still maximize the return on my sweat equity - get fit the right way.  More on this later.

Step 3: Lifestyle Plan - I didn't have this last time either.  This consists of the little things that magnify the combined impact of Nutrition and Exercise to boost results safely.  One example is getting a minimum of 7 hours sleep.  Yeah sounds simple enough, but how many of us really get 7 hours of sleep?  The benefits of sleep have a profound affect on your weight loss.  More on this later.

Week 1: I'm ramping up slowly on the Lifestyle and Exercise, but going full speed on Nutrition, because we all know abs are built in the kitchen, not the gym, and I have one big ab right now and would like six or eight, so I'm just drinking 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water, walking 10,000 steps each day, and eating Fresh N Fit Cuisine.  My second weigh in in next Wednesday, March 16 and we'll see how much executing the above plan helped.  Thanks for following me.  Have a great day and remember, be better today than yesterday!

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