Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 34 Dropping 100 | What Inspires You?

Miracles From Heaven

A great movie I saw this week was an incredible true story that made me think about all the grace in my life that I over look each day.  If we stop and consider all the miracles that happen to each one of us every day, we might find inspiration and strength or be an inspiration to help over come hurdles life brings our way.  Finding inspiration from others is a blessing.  I'm so thankful and proud of my older brother Danny.  He took charge of his declining health and just completed a two year journey that may inspire you.  Danny went from 325 pounds down to 225 pounds!  #DJDROPPED100 Way to go bro!  Check out this before and after picture below.  This is a guy I've looked up to for many years of my life, and to see him accomplish this, just warms my heart.  So find inspiration wherever you can, sometimes it's right under your nose, and right in your own family. Danny is a guy, who is #betterthanyesterday.

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