Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 38 Dropping 100 | Unexpected Hurdles

Don't let unexpected hurdles take you out.  They may knock you down, but you can't let them take you out.  When you're on a weight loss journey many hurdles come your way.  Even when you are focused on your nutrition, exercise, and life style changes, you can run into something you didn't plan for, like an attack on your immune system.  I'm talking about a cold/ virus / bug - being sick.  I don't recommend trying to forge on with your plan, as food maybe difficult to eat, exercise may make the illness worse or make recovery take longer, and depending on what life style changes you have going, it might be hard to do them as well.  That said, I was under the weather the past several days.  I'm not one who likes to take a bunch of medicine, so I take the rest route and let time heal me.  It's been hard to eat all my meals, drink all my water, and do any exercising during this time.  But, I'm not letting this keep my from my goals or lower my confidence.  I'm feeling better and will ease back into my exercise plan Friday morning, and soon be full speed ahead.  I'm already back on my nutrition plan, and finished my book "Concussion".  I also,just rented the movie "Concussion" and although Will Smith was great, the book was better.

Now that I've lost 40.2 pounds in the first 30 days, it's time to re-evaluate some aspects of my weight loss plan, and one change I'm making is in my nutrition plan.  After reviewing it with a dietitian, we agreed to change from Fresh N Fit's Healthy Mix 1800 calorie beast mode plan to the Low Carb 1800 calorie meal plan.  Although this is not a reduction in my caloric intake, it is a shift in my macro nutrient intake.  This is sometimes necessary, as the next 30 days, and really from here on out the weight loss will be harder.  I'm excited about my new meal plan, check out what I'm eating this week:

Another hurdle some may face is travel.  I travel for my work, and I'm about to be on the road, out with customers, lunches, dinners, etc..This is an expected hurdle and I have plans to attack.  I have travel WOD's (workout of the day) already planned.  Meals, unfortunately, I'm going to be that guy, that doesn't order off the menu and challenge all the little things restaurants add to meals that pile on calories you never knew were there.  So, stay focused, reflect on your progress, make changes along the way, and take it easy if you're sick.  This is a journey, not a sprint, only go as fast as your body will let you.  Stay strong, focused, and remember to be better today than you were yesterday! 

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