Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 47 Dropping 100 | I.O.U. to The D.C. Mindset

This week I spent a day n Boston, was fortunate to visit CrossFit New England, where some of the biggest names in the sport of fitness (CrossFit) have or are training, including the fittest woman in the world; Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir.
If you have an I.O.U. mindset, that can be a good thing if you apply a D.C. point of view.

#PJDROPPING100,, and are about more than just a journey, great food, and a place to exercise.  It's not so much about what one can accomplish, but rather what one can give.

Think about this: Your Integrity, Optimism, and Unity mixed with your Dedication and Compassion builds you and others on so many levels enriching all aspects of your life and those around you.

I love CFNE's "CREED" and share it with you now:

I will do the right thing regardless of who might know it.  I will live the life that others strive for.  I will be a hero.  Be a role model.  I will take stands and do what others won't because it is right.  I will be honest and open to myself and others.  

I will be loyal to my family, friends, coworkers, and teammates.  I will put others first regardless of circumstance.  I will give my comrades the benefit of the doubt.  I will live a life of pride with humility.

I will keep an open and positive mind.  I will focus on what I can control and ignore what I cannot.  I will recognize the silver lining in seemingly negative situations.  I will expect adversity, and when it shows up I will overcome it.  I will flex my gratitude muscles; reminding myself of the opportunities, pleasures and abundance in my life.

I will work hard.  I will commit everything I have to achieving my goals.  I will succeed.  I will never quit.  I will constantly look for ways to grow and develop.  I will pursue excellence in every facet of my life.  I will not take the easy way out.  I will go the extra mile, lead from the front and raise the standards and expectations of myself and those around me.  

I will be selfless.  I will be respectful.  I will be caring.  I will recognize the strengths in others and treat them as they wish to be treated.  
 2010 Masters Champion and 5 time Games athlete, my friend: Brian Curley is 
front left throwing down with #PJDROPPING100 and 17 others at CFNE.

The above "CREED" was an eye opener for me.  It made me think of all the grace in my life.  I offer a public apology and ask forgiveness to all in my circle of influence that have not experienced the above from me.  I am far from perfect and am committed to the above CREED. Success is going from good to better, and from better to best. Strive for perfection and settle for excellence I like to say.  I encourage you to implement the above into your life and remember to be better today than you were yesterday.

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