Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 113 Dropping 100 | CFF Weight Loss Challenge

I'm honored to have been asked to host a weight loss challenge at my box (CrossFit Fayette) and implement my weight loss plan of Nutrition, Exercise, and Life Style changes.  I'd like to introduce you to Sherry, Stefanie, Steve, and Nick.  They are just a few of the participants in the five (5) week weight loss challenge. These four have chosen to join me in utilizing Fresh N Fit Cuisine as their Nutrition component of the program, and together, we'll follow their progress. They are all off to a great start.

    Sherry lost 3 lbs in week 1               Stefanie lost 3 lbs in week 1

Steve lost 3.5 lbs in week 1                 Nick lost 10 lbs in week 1

The program prescribes ten (10) daily success tasks as follows:

1) Sleep 7 hours
2) Drink 40% of your body weight in ounces of water
3) Exercise a minimum of 10 minutes
4) Stretch a minimum of 10 minutes
5) Step a minimum of 10,000 times
6) Communicate with another participant in the challenge
7) Take Fish Oil each day (Omega-3)
8) Read a minimum of 10 minutes
9) Conduct an act of kindness
10) Stay under your daily caloric limit

As for me, I lost another 4 pounds, which was short of my 10 lb goal for June.  Losing 9 pounds this month, brings my total weight loss to 86.8 pounds in just under four (4) months.  (377.8 to 291)  My goal is to lose 10 pounds per month until the end of the year, which will result in a total weight loss of 150 pounds.

Thanks for your support and encouragement, and remember to be better today, than you were yesterday.  God Bless.